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5 Great Traits of Virtual Office Workers

virtual office workers

Being a successful virtual office worker requires a unique set of skills. Virtual office workers are required to work under very non-traditional working conditions and need to be able to create a work-life balance that is beneficial to both their employer and themselves. Successful virtual office workers can be an asset to any company. Here are


5 Great Traits of Virtual Office Workers


 1.    Enterprising

Virtual office workers share many traits with the entrepreneur.  Since they are not in a traditional office setting they don’t have coworkers and superiors around to answer any questions that come to mind. This requires them to become comfortable with answering their own question and using their own judgment to make decisions that are best for the client and the company.

2.     Initiative

Another trait that the virtual office worker shares with the entrepreneur is initiative. Virtual office workers are comfortable with creating their own self-imposed deadlines and following through without any supervision. This is a huge asset for any business since micromanaging can take up precious time and resources that can be used towards other more lucrative pursuits.

3.     Self-Discipline

Virtual office workers spend a lot of their time working either from home or another non-office location. This requires an immense amount of resilience to outside distractions at home or the coffee shop. Whether it’s distractions from family, pets, or outside noise a virtual worker has the self-discipline to stay on task and get the job done.

4.     Self-Confidence

Virtual office workers frequently work independently and develop a confidence in their work that is not limited by the praise or agreement of others. They are sure of their abilities to deliver the best quality work without the need to get approval or a second opinion before presenting. This self-confidence is essential when working directly with clients and can be the difference between landing that big client or missing the opportunity.

 5.   Organized

Being a virtual office worker requires an immense amount of organizational skills. Since their work is often blended with their home life it is important that they have impeccable organizational skills that also includes staying in the loop with the company, the clients, and their coworkers.


Having employees work from a virtual office can be extremely beneficial for a business’ productivity. Virtual office workers are required to learn traits that they normally wouldn’t have need of in a traditional office setting. Traits such as organization, self-confidence, self-discipline, initiative, and the ability to tackle difficult problems on their own can help employees become indispensible in taking your business to the next level.

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