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Why More Businesses Are Moving Away From Corporate Offices

moving away from corporate offices

As technology advances the face of corporate America changes right along with it. It used to be that a virtual office was typically only for the small business owner, but with the changes in the traditional workforce the corporate office structure is beginning to shift. With such a rapidly changing atmosphere it’s no wonder that the most successful and enterprising businesses are quickly adapting to the changing environment in order to stay current.

Building Better Teams

One of the greatest benefits of our technologically advanced times is the ability to hire team members from anywhere in the world. It used to be that businesses were constrained by their location when choosing their employees. Today, however, a company can hire anyone from full time employees to temporary freelancers from anywhere in the world.

This allows small businesses and larger businesses to be able to compete on a more even scale. If you’re not constrained by location then the sky’s the limit. Whether you’re an established business with over a thousand employees or a small business run from your home office, you can compete thanks to ever advancing technology and the emergence of the virtual office.


Another huge advantage that is fast emerging in the traditional workplace is internet collaboration. The advances in online collaboration tools are growing faster than most people can keep up. If you’re a savvy business owner however, you’ll stay on top of these new tools and use them to get a leg up on the competition.

It used to be that teams and companies would have numerous meetings armed with legal pads or laptops in order to facilitate collaboration. In today’s digital landscape, however, team members can be anywhere in the world and with sites like and they can collaborate even more effectively then if they were all in the same room.

 Cost Effective

It’s hard to ignore the fact that advances in technology paired with virtual offices are saving businesses a lot of money. With a virtual office you have no need to pay an expensive lease for an office building and your employees do not need to commute every day in order to effectively collaborate.

With virtual offices and collaboration software employees are free to meet with customers anywhere in the world without the need to worry about if they’re logging enough hours at the office. They can work anywhere allowing them to save time on commuting and the expense of gas, and they can focus on working only in the places where they feel the most productive.

The face of Corporate America is changing rapidly. With rapid advances in technology and the fast rising popularity of virtual offices, small businesses and large businesses alike are moving towards a more non-traditional structure for all their business needs. Why not take the time to see how a virtual office can help jumpstart your business? You’ll be glad you did.

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