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Go Green With A Virtual Office

virtual office - go green

More and more small business owners are becoming aware of the incredible benefits of a virtual office. What you may not know is that not only are virtual offices economically and professionally beneficial, but they are also beneficial for the environment. By choosing a virtual office not only will you be saving money and improving the professional image of your business, but you will also be making an environmentally responsible decision.

 Green Space

 It used to be that in order to have a prestigious address a company would need to lease expensive office space in one of the many buildings in a major city. The need for countless office buildings contributes to the ever growing “concrete jungles” in our country. With the rise of virtual offices, however, businesses can have the advantages of a prestigious address without the need to build more and more office buildings.

 In a virtual office numerous companies can use the same space. This is the building equivalent to carpooling. You are able to share the space and use the amenities whenever you need them and others can use them as well.

 Green Travel

 Travel, particularly daily commuting, causes a lot of road congestion and pollution. While there are ways to limit your carbon footprint by either carpooling or taking public transportation you are still using finite resources every day. With a virtual office you limit or even eliminate the need to commute to the office.

 With video conferencing and other technological advances provided by a virtual office, you can also limit the need for business airline travel either nationally or internationally.

 Green Resources

 Running a business requires an almost endless amount of energy usage. Whether it’s to power the building, power the technology, or the infinite amount of paper copies and notices, offices are not the most green friendly places. With a virtual office you drastically limit your energy usage thanks to sharing the building. Not only is this financially beneficial since you have no need to rent expensive office space, but you will also cut back on your company’s energy usage.

 You will have less need for the endless amount of paper that is used in office buildings as well. While it would be beneficial for all offices, whether virtual or otherwise, to use less paper and to communicate digitally for memos and other types of notifications, this is not always the case. With a virtual office it becomes much more convenient to use technology as the primary mode of communication.

Are you ready to reduce your company’s carbon footprint? A virtual office can save you time and money while also being one of the most environmentally responsible decisions any small business owner can make.

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