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7 Office Hacks to Make Your Office Space More Convenient

If you think about it, many entrepreneurs are the ultimate life hackers. Every day, creative minds around the world are coming up with innovative ways to solve our toughest problems and help improve our lives in some way.

But entrepreneurs can sometimes get so caught up in solving the problems of others that they forget to solve their own. If you currently have your own office space, you may be unaware that your common office supplies can be used in unique ways to improve your workday. Check out these seven ingenious office hacks that will make even the dreariest Monday a little brighter:

  • Use a Spice Rack to Hold Office Supplies

An old spice rack can be used to hold things such as paper clips, staples, rubber bands, etc. Just make sure that you clean out the jars before you use them so your office supplies don’t smell like turmeric or cumin!

  • A Toilet Paper Roll Can Keep Cords Untangled

An empty toilet paper roll is a simple way to ensure that all of your cords don’t become one tangled mess underneath your desk. You also won’t get confused when you need to figure out which cord goes to a certain device.

  • Hang a Basket Underneath Your Desk For Extra Storage

If you are renting an executive office space, you can easily purchase a hanging basket rack that won’t leave permanent marks on your desk. You can also use it to keep your office cords off the ground and away from your legs, and out of the way if you need to vacuum.

  • Use Scotch Tape as a Lint Roller

As any pet owner knows, keeping your clothes free of hair can be a challenge when you have a furry pet. If you don’t have a lint roller on you, Scotch tape works just as well. Packaging tape works even better, but most people have Scotch tape on their office desk. Simply tear off a piece, stick it on your jacket, and tear it off to pull away all the lint and hair.

  • Place Your Phone in an Empty Plastic Cup to Amplify the Sound

Whether you are listening to music or trying to hear a soft-spoken person on the other end of a call, placing your phone in an empty cup helps boost its volume so you can hear better. Now, you don’t have to worry about asking them to speak up repeatedly.

  • Use a Sticky Note to Clean Your Keyboard

If you are bad about getting junk in between the keys of your keyboard, a sticky note can help you remove it. Use the adhesive side to get that hard-to-reach dirt from between your keys so that you don’t run into problems with your keyboard later.

  • Use a Clear, Hanging Shoe Rack to Hold Office Supplies

Having multiple pen holder cups for all of your office supplies is impractical. With a hanging shoe rack, you can be the master of organization and put all of your sharpies in one pouch, your highlighters in another, etc. Hang it over the inside of your door and you won’t even have to see it when you close the door.

Have Any Office Hacks of Your Own? Share With Us!

While we have seen our fair share of office hacks here at YourOffice Ballantyne, we are always looking for more to share with our tenants. Do you have any ingenious office hacks that have improved your work life? Leave a comment and let us hear about them!

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