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3 Reasons I Love Having Office Space in Ballantyne

It isn’t difficult to see why so many professionals come from all over the country and set up their businesses in Ballantyne. Not only is Ballantyne Corporate Park a beautiful area with a well-planned development and design, but it also contains all of the amenities and perks that help tenants maximize their productivity and reach their business goals. top3

While residents of Charlotte certainly know of the Ballantyne area, those who are only just now thinking of relocating here may not. While I could go on and on about why I personally love working from my executive office in Ballantyne Corporate Park (BCP), I will limit myself to just three:

It’s a Beautiful Area

When Ballantyne Corporate Park was first developed, its designers and developers made it a point to add plenty of fountains, open spaces, walkways, and stunning landscaping. This was not just a move to attract customers to the BCP area. In fact, this beautiful scenery helps BCP tenants to become more productive.

Don’t think that a pretty sight does much for your work life? Consider this: research suggests that there is a direct correlation between the scenic quality of our work environments and our personal wellbeing. After working here in Ballantyne and seeing the welcoming and stress-relieving views, I know that it would be difficult to imagine working anywhere else!

There is Plenty to Do

If you have a tendency to be a workaholic, you will no doubt understand this reason for loving Ballantyne. There is always something going on in Ballantyne Corporate Park. Check out their Events & Activities page and you will find a number of great things to do, from fun fitness classes to social happy hours at one of BCP’s amazing brewpubs. This helps us get out and about to enjoy a life that isn’t so fixated on work. In fact, these activities are incredibly useful for feeling refreshed when you head back into the office.

Amenities Galore!

Ballantyne Corporate Park has everything that a budding entrepreneur or small business owner could ask for. But it’s the extra perks and amenities that make it easy to fall in love with. For example, BCP tenants can sign up for a BCP card and enjoy discounts from over 200 businesses in Ballantyne Corporate Park. The many walking trails—particularly the Fit Trail—are great for getting some exercise in on your lunch break and help relieve stress.

Another excellent way to relieve stress and talk business with your colleagues is through a game of golf. YourOffice Ballantyne is located right across the street from the Ballantyne Resort and it’s hard to resist when the weather is so beautiful.

Ballantyne is the Place to Be!

There are an endless number of reasons to love working in Ballantyne. Award-winning dining and hotels, shopping and recreational activities, and a convenient location all make Ballantyne an ideal destination to work and play.

However, it is truly the community that brings Ballantyne Corporate Park to life. With charity drives and events designed to welcome everyone into BCP, the community is what takes Ballantyne Corporate Park to the next level.

Do I have you convinced that BCP is the place to work? If you are searching for an executive office space in Ballantyne, contact YourOffice Ballantyne or stop by for a tour and we will find an office space solution that works for you!

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