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4 Ways to Personalize Your Office Space

Despite a recovering economy, many entrepreneurs and business owners focus more on the price and amenities in an office space and pay little attention to the design and décor. However, an office’s aesthetics can have a significant impact on your productivity, creativity, and happiness.flow lights for meeting rooms

Whether you work from home or have your own executive office suite, it’s important that you give your office a few personal touches. By doing so, you can cheer up your space in a way that both impresses clients and helps motivate you to achieve your goals. Here are four easy ways in which you can personalize your own office space:

Combine Function and Fashion

It’s pretty easy to overdo it on decorations, and too much can make your office space seem cluttered. To personalize your space without overwhelming it with knick-knacks, choose items that are decorative, but also functional. For example, if you like navy and gold, you can choose gold pen holders, a navy lamp, and a mousepad that has both of those colors.

While choosing a color theme for your office, keep in mind that color has a significant impact on your productivity and happiness. Additionally, you will want to choose a color theme that is appropriate for your business.

Bring Nature into Your Office

When you go in for a doctor or dentist appointment, you might have noticed that there is almost always a plant in the waiting room. Why? Because plants have a calming effect on people and these appointments can often stress people out. Even if you aren’t in a stressful profession, it might be worth putting a plant in your office. Studies have shown that office plants can provide you with numerous benefits, including an increase in general well-being and productivity.

Let There Be Light

Harsh fluorescent lights can quickly zap your energy and be hard on your eyes. If possible, choose an office space that has plenty of natural light to keep your productivity levels up for as long as possible. Additionally, you can install blue lighting instead of white to help reduce the strain on your eyes.

Use a Wall Clock

A wall clock might seem outdated and unnecessary—especially considering how we now have our phones, wristwatches, and computers to tell us the time. However, installing a wall clock in your office can not only give your office some extra décor, but it can also help keep you accountable.

If you purchase a decorative clock, chances are good that it will catch your eye every so often. This will also allow you to make note of the time and see whether or not you are on track, which is often necessary when you work from home. Just make sure that the clock you purchase doesn’t make a distracting ticking noise or chime that will throw you off and derail your workflow.

Ready to Make a Change?

Personalizing your office is a great way to improve your work performance and increase your happiness at work. However, no amount of personalization can make a poor office design come to life. If you need a change of space, YourOffice Ballantyne can help you find the perfect executive office suite or virtual office to meet your business’s unique needs. Contact us today and ask us about our two months’ free rent promotion!

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