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Alternative Office Space For Entrepreneurs

If you are like many entrepreneurs who have never been one for tradition, it makes sense that you wouldn’t seek out a traditional office space either. If the thought of a standard office cubicle makes you shudder, then there are plenty of alternative office spaces you can consider.  virtual

In fact, many businesses these days are moving away from traditional office setups and allowing employees to telecommute instead. With options such as virtual office solutions and meeting room rentals, both business owners and budding entrepreneurs can take advantage of the benefits of an alternative office space. Here are a few options for those looking to find an alternative office space in 2016:

Executive Office Suite

Many startups are working with a limited budget in the beginning and don’t want to rent an office space during this time. However, the majority of these startups also plan on growing their business exponentially in the coming years and need an office that can scale with them.

Executive office suites provide entrepreneurs with a professional office space that boosts their reputation without the expensive overhead costs of a traditional office. These offices can come fully equipped with the latest technology, allowing startups to not waste money and time installing the necessary technology they need to do business.

Co-Working Office Space

If you don’t require the privacy that an executive suite allows, a co-working office space might be an option for you. Co-working office spaces are large, open office spaces that are shared with other professionals and are attractive to startups because they are relatively inexpensive compared to traditional office solutions. They can come with necessities such as Wi-Fi, printing, fax machines, and kitchen areas. This is a good choice if you don’t mind working around other people and want to cut costs.

Virtual Office

A virtual office is another popular alternative for entrepreneurs, startups, and even well-established businesses these days. Virtual offices provide you with critical components that your business needs in order to operate and project an air of professionalism.

For example, a virtual office package might include the following:

  • Corporate mailing address
  • Live reception service
  • Mail forwarding
  • Call screening
  • Access to meeting and conference rooms

Meeting/Conference Room Rental

When you work from home but need to meet with a client, it doesn’t look professional when you need to meet them at your local coffee shop down the street. To avoid this issue, some entrepreneurs simply rent a meeting or conference room for an hour, a day, or however long they need. This provides them with a cost-effective solution and helps impress potential clients.

Find Your Office Space at YourOffice Ballantyne

Entrepreneurs are known for their creativity and finding out-of-the-box solutions to fix their problems. A common problem faced by many entrepreneurs is finding an office space that is right for them and their business.

If you are looking for something different than a traditional office space, YourOffice Ballantyne can help. Located in the prestigious Ballantyne Corporate Park, we offer professional plug-and-play executive office suites, flexible virtual office packages, and meeting/conference rooms so you can make the best impression on your clients. Contact us today or stop by for a tour to find your ideal office space in Ballantyne!

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