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Charlotte Office Space Classifications

It isn’t surprising that so many entrepreneurs, startups, and small business owners choose Charlotte as the place to grow their business. Ranked #14 in Forbes’ Best Places For Business and Careers in 2015, the Queen City prides itself on its innovative and entrepreneurial culture.

To accommodate the rapid influx of entrepreneurs and business owners, office space has sprung up all over the Charlotte area. When it comes to selecting the perfect office space, entrepreneurs should have a basic understanding of Charlotte’s office space classifications. Charlotte North Carolina Fall September

Office Building Classifications in Charlotte

Office buildings in Charlotte can generally be classified as Class A, Class B, or Class C. These classifications are often determined by factors such as their location, construction type, onsite facilities, and more. Knowing the differences between each classification is essential for those who want to end up with an office space that will meet their needs.

Class A

Class A buildings are the most sought-after buildings because they are newer, bigger, and more prestigious than other classifications. They tend to have high occupancy rates because of the high demand for these superior spaces. Class A buildings have an excellent location that is easy to access and are considered to be the best buildings because they attract notable tenants. These spaces provide unique advantages for entrepreneurs and business owners with the sheer number of amenities and convenience that they provide.

Class B

Class B buildings are a step below Class A buildings in that they are usually older and their infrastructure is rather average. For example, they may have HVAC systems and elevators that are functional, but they are not updated with changing technologies. Additionally, these buildings may have a decent location that is located near an area that gets high amounts of traffic rather than in the center of it all.

Class C

Class C buildings are much older than Class A or Class B buildings and are considered the lowest class. They tend to have poor maintenance services and be located in areas that are less desirable. For example, a Class B building might have an elevator, while a Class C building will have no elevator at all. Because of their lack of amenities, these buildings have the cheapest rates. However, those who want to impress clients will have a difficult time doing so from a Class C building.

Which Office Space is Right For You?

Those working with limited budgets will be tempted to choose the cheapest office space available without considering the consequences of doing so. When considering the best office space for your business, it is important to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What kind of first impression does my office give clients and customers?
  • Does this building come with the technology that I need to conduct business?
  • How will this office space affect my productivity and performance?

Your office space can help propel your business forward or it can possibly hold you back. Thus, it is a decision that shouldn’t be made without carefully considering how it can affect the future livelihood of your business.

Find Your Office Space at YourOffice Ballantyne!

There is much to consider when it comes to choosing your office space. This space should not only send the right message to potential clients, but it should also help you be as productive as possible.

At YourOffice Ballantyne, you can find your ideal executive office space that will help propel your business forward. Located in the beautiful and award-winning Ballantyne Corporate Park, YourOffice Ballantyne offers Class A office space that will meet and exceed your business’s needs. Stop by for a tour or contact us today to find out how you can get two months’ free rent!

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