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Ballantyne Business Bash

business bash It’s that time of year again; time for the Ballantyne Business Bash.  Last year there were over 500 participants and they are expecting an even bigger turnout this year.

What is the Ballantyne Business Bash?

The bash is a great excuse to get out of work for a little while and head on over to the Brixham Green at 15800 John J. Delaney Drive Basically a bunch of sponsors get together, give away a free stuff and provide a bunch of useful business info.  All types of businesses from Wells Fargo Advisors to this years sponsors MetLife and the Y will be there.  It is also hosted by Bissell.  You can get tickets here for $11. 


Right now you may be thinking, so what do I get for $11?  Why should I pay $11 for businesses to promote their services and goods to me?  While those are valid points you get a lot more for your money than just that.  First off, the amount of food that will be there is astonishing and you can grab just about all you can handle.  There’s all types of different grub ranging from Hickory Tavern to Edible Arrangements.  Be sure to get there at 11 am so you can try it all.

Networking Opportunities

As any reader of my blog knows I am a big fan of networking opportunities.  A lot of business can happen when you network in the right areas and this is an opportunity to meet all types of businesses around the Charlotte area.  Business is built on relationships and this is a great time to build a relationship. Maybe some of the sponsors will realize that they could use your service.  It’s possible that you could meet somebody who works in your building who you never knew was there.  Maybe you’ll just find a golfing buddy for Wednesday nights at the Resort.  My point is that you never know what come out of a networking event and that’s why you should try to attend them as often as possible.

See You There

The Ballantyne Business Bash is this Thursday at 11 am with a rain date for Friday.  Get your tickets know because I believe they go up a dollar the day of.  It’ll be a great event and I hope to see you there.

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