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Can Virtual Offices Reduce Work Stress?

reduce work stress- virtual officesLet’s face it. Work can be stressful. Whether it’s pressing deadlines or difficult coworkers, trying to reduce stress in the workplace can be a real drag. Fortunately, with a virtual office, work stress can be greatly reduced or even eliminated. Virtual offices are changing the dynamic of the traditional workforce and are reducing numerous work-related stress while increasing productivity.

Eliminating the Commute

One of the biggest stressors for anyone working outside the home is the commute. Traffic jams, long commutes, hazardous conditions, and the expense of gas all contribute to making the morning and evening hours more stressful than necessary. A stressful morning commute can contribute to less productivity in the first few hours and can also you set you up for a difficult workday. A stressful evening commute can make it difficult to unwind especially if you’ve already had a particularly demanding day.

With a virtual office the stress of a daily commute is non-existent. You can sleep in a bit later and get an adequate amount of rest before beginning your work feeling fresh. Without having struggled your way through a hectic morning drive, you can enjoy a leisurely breakfast or sip your coffee before jumping into your work for the day.

No Meetings or Annoying Coworkers

There’s nothing worse than being interrupted when you’re on a roll and being particularly productive. Pointless and long drawn out meetings can be a serious drain on productivity especially when it’s information that could be easily relayed through an email or quick phone call.

Coworkers can cause unwanted interruptions as well. Whether it’s someone insisting on telling you about their crazy weekend or asking to borrow your stapler for the fifteenth time, minor interruptions can become major hassles.

With a virtual office your workday interruptions are greatly reduced. You can choose to either hide out in your home office or take your laptop to a park on a nice day without any chance for coworkers or meetings to interrupt your flow of productivity. Meetings are exchanged for quick emails and your coworker’s interruptions are exchanged for hours of uninterrupted, quiet work time that will allow you to get more work completed in less hours.

 No One Breathing Down Your Neck

 Have you ever been writing an important email only to have someone come and stand behind your chair while you’re trying to think? It’s distracting and unnerving and can easily cause you to lose your train of thought. Or if you’ve ever had a boss who micromanages everything and insists on checking up on you in the middle of every project you understand how detrimental that can be to a stress free environment.

When working from a digital office you can get your projects and other responsibilities completed without anyone interrupting you or breathing down your neck. This leads to a much more relaxed environment where creativity can flourish and you can accomplish much more without constantly trying to get back on track.

Work stress is unavoidable but with a virtual office it can be greatly reduced. With no stressful commute, no unnecessary interruptions, and the ability to work where you’re most comfortable a virtual office can help your creativity and productivity skyrocket. With less stress for yourself or your employees you’ll have a much more successful and efficient business.

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