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Get The Most Out of Video Conferencing


video conferencing Video conferencing is quickly becoming the norm, as opposed to the exception in the business world. Whether you use it as a tool to connect with clients, staff, or other professionals it’s important that you become familiar with how to make the experience as smooth as possible for everyone involved. Gone are the days when, in order to have a meeting, everyone needed to be physically present.

In today’s global economy, with clients and staff being located in many different places, video conferencing is not just a luxury it’s a necessity. However, video conferencing can become quite a hassle if you’re not fully prepared. No one wants to deal with unprofessional technical difficulties or anything else that might disrupt the flow of the meeting. Here are a few tips to make your next video conference a success.

 User-Friendly Technology

 Technology that is straightforward and easy to use is a must for any successful video conference. Technology that is outdated, excessively complicated, or not in good working order can lead to frustration among staff and clients alike. The last thing you need when trying to land that big deal is a faulty screen or speakers.

The best way to avoid these problems is to make sure that all of your equipment is easy to use and is working properly long before the meeting starts. Do a test run beforehand to make sure that you fully understand how everything works and can quickly troubleshoot on the fly if there is a need.

 Set Up In A Quiet Area

 There is nothing worse than attempting to discuss an important business matter only to be interrupted by a loud air conditioner or construction. Worse yet, if one of your contacts is somewhere inappropriate such as a store or a train this can lead to audio problems as well and make everything seem much less professional.

Make sure that everyone involved in the meeting understands how the video conferencing should go. Let everyone know the exact time of the meeting and to be set up at least five minute beforehand. Ask them to find a place that is quiet and without interruptions so that the meeting can flow quickly and efficiently.

 Be Prepared

 Like all meetings, it’s important to be prepared long before the meeting begins. This is especially true with video conferencing since there is always the possibility of technical difficulties or other types of distractions that can quickly derail the meeting. If you have a clearly defined agenda, that everyone is privy to, you can make sure that the meeting goes as planned even with any unexpected interruptions.

 Introductions and Voice Control

 It is incredibly important during video conferencing to have introductions. Since everyone is not sitting in the same room, the frame of reference for names and faces can be a little bit more difficult. It’s a good idea to make sure everyone is well aware of who is who before the meeting begins to avoid any confusion.

Voice control is also essential. When on a video conference it can be tempting to raise your voice or speak particularly slowly due to concerns of the other parties not being able to hear properly. However, if you’ve checked your equipment beforehand and if it’s up to date you should have no problem being able to speak at a normal volume.

 Video conferencing is becoming more and more common in the workplace. This essential tool can either be a benefit to your company or an enormous hassle. As long as you follow normal protocol for a regular meeting, as well as these extra tips, you’re next video conference should be exceptionally efficient and productive.

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