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Charlotte, NC Entrepreneur Update

Charlotte North Carolina Fall SeptemberIf you’ve read our blog in the past you know that one of the reasons we love the Queen City so much is because it’s friendliness to the business community, specifically entrepreneurs.

All cities are going to have red-tape to get through in order to start a business, but Charlotte seems to have less of it, and it also has a lot of great resources for entrepreneurs.

Here are some events that are coming up that can help provide the push you need to get your business off the ground:

Want to start a food business?  In 2017 there are tons of different options in the food industry.  Everything from food trucks, to gourmet ice pops is a viable business option, but as we know, the food industry can be tough to break into.  Learn everything you’ll need to know at this Soup to Nuts Course.  Although it isn’t free, if you’re looking to break into the food biz it may be extremely helpful.

Wan to find more customers?  Every business does right?  Unfortunately though many businesses don’t do the proper market research and make it much harder on themselves.  It doesn’t matter what you are selling, or where you are located, you have to know where your customers are.  If you’re not sure where to get started check out this free event from the Small Business Center Network.   The class is also online so you can’t make up excuses for not being able to attend.

Another class offered online is the How to Start a Business class.  It goes over strategy, financing, marketing, legal issues and everything else you need to know to get started and since it’s online it may be easier to attend.

All of the classes listed above is what’s happening in and around Charlotte entrepreneurship and this is just through May.  There’s a ton of resources to help you get started, most are free, and they’re all helpful.  So make the summer of 2017 the summer you decided to become an entrepreneur.

If you can’t make any of the events above be sure to check out the Charlotte Business Resources calendar to stay up to date with what’s going on, and also come check out our blog.

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