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The Different Meeting Space Options at Your-Office Ballantyne


meeting roomsHaving the right meeting space can really make or break a meeting or seminar. When you have the right meeting space, you can focus on the content and on making sure that your meeting is as effective and productive as possible. When you have the wrong type of meeting space or no meeting space at all, your meeting can easily become sidetracked by cramped space or a distracting environment. At Your-Office Ballantyne we have numerous types of meeting space available for whenever you might need it. Fully furnished offices and rooms with up-to-date technology that are ready to be used the minute you walk in.

Day Office

Even the most collaborative and integrated business owners sometimes need private space to work quietly and without interruption. Our day offices, which can hold up to 3 people comfortably, can be rented by the hour, day, week, month, or year. This is the perfect space to work between client meetings or if you simply need a professional space to work for a few hours. It’s fully furnished and equipped with up-to-date technology so that you can accomplish the day’s tasks easily and without hassle.

Interior Conference and Meeting Room

If you have a small team that needs to meet for client meetings, planning or brainstorming sessions, or team building exercises, then our interior conference and meeting room is the perfect space. With the capacity to hold up to 6 people, it is the ideal room for those looking to have a more intimate space for a small group of people.

Exterior Conference and Meeting Room

If you’re looking for a small meeting room that will impress clients or potential clients, our exterior conference and meeting room is the perfect space. With a 52” Hi-Def wall-mounted LCD display, wonderful natural light, and great views, this room is perfect for video conferencing and sales presentations. It can host up to 5 people and is also a great option for team meetings within your company.


Our boardroom is a larger space that can host up to 12 people comfortably. Perfect for executive meetings, larger client meetings, and sales presentations, the boardroom will be sure to impress your clients. Fully furnished and well equipped, this is a great option for any event that requires a bit more space than traditional conference rooms.

Seminar Room

The seminar room is our largest gathering space. It is perfect for training seminars and public speakers. Equipped with a wall-to-wall whiteboard, 100” projection screen, 6 ceiling-mounted speakers, and a ceiling-mounted projector, this room can host up to 40 people without feeling even slightly cramped. The seminar room can also be configured to your company’s specific needs so you can be sure that your next meeting flows exactly the way you planned.

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Whether you need meeting space for yourself or up to 40 people, we have what you’re looking for. Fully-equipped meeting rooms that can be arranged to your specifications are just one of the many ways we help your company succeed!

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