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How Walking Meetings Can Improve Your Business

walking meetings Have you heard of walking meetings? These aren’t breaks from work but actual meetings that happen on a walk. Walking meetings get employees out of the office and encourage physical activity in addition to productivity and even employee health.

Although our desire to work and get things done can keep us in the office, walking meetings are showing that getting out of the office can have big benefits for business. Here are just a few of the ways walking meetings can improve your workplace!

Walking Meetings Facilitate Open Dialogue

Walking meetings help promote honesty between employees and supervisor. Instead of sitting across a physical barrier such as a desk or a table—which can often induce psychological barriers as well—walking together can invoke more of a peer mindset.

Eliminating this obstacle between boss and employee can create open, honest dialogue, which can result in valuable input from both employees and management in the workplace.

Higher Job Satisfaction 

Walking meetings have the potential to lead to higher job satisfaction. Employees who walk are more likely to have better health, more energy, and stronger relationships with their coworkers.

These employees also report higher job satisfaction. When employees feel better, are better able to connect with their coworkers, and are inspired to do their jobs, higher job satisfaction is a natural result.

Increase Employee Engagement and Creativity

Walking meetings can help employees feel more engaged and creative. This increased engagement is attributed to a better bonding experience between both employees and their coworkers and employees and management.

When discussing a project or exploring solutions, all types of jobs show benefits from walking meetings. Employees also report feeling more creative with this type of approach. Walking to conduct a meeting can be a cost-effective option for boosting employee engagement!

How to Conduct a Walking Meeting

If you want to give walking meetings a try, YourOffice Ballantyne is located on a pristine lake and has 16 miles of walking trails. We’re ready to help you make walking meetings a success!

To have the most productive meeting while walking, it’s important to inform all participants that you’ll be walking during the meeting beforehand so they can wear appropriate clothing. It’s also essential to keep an eye on the weather, as not all conditions are ideal for a stroll.

The best time to conduct a walking meeting is before lunch or later in the afternoon, which is when people are most likely to feel tired or unmotivated at work.

And finally, smaller groups tend to be better for these types of meetings, but you can certainly do large groups with the right trail!

Ready to Walk?

Consider YourOffice Ballantyne for virtual solutions to traditional office space that feature miles of trail for your next walking meeting! We look forward to helping you find the perfect setup so that you have the flexibility to keep your next meeting in the house or off the beaten path.

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