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Increase Productivity with a Live Receptionist Service

How Having a Charlotte Live Receptionist Service Increases Productivity

Getting a live receptionist is one of the first steps a small business takes when it is about to out grow “kitchen table” status. There is only so much you can do by yourself before you need to hire some help. And in today’s always connected world, one of the first places you should look for help is to have someone else answer your phones.

It is hard to hold client meetings, answer email, and do focused work when your personal cell phone also doubles as your business phone. Getting live receptionist service means you have a dedicated line and some one to answer it for you.

How exactly does a receptionist increase your company’s productivity?

  1. Financial Savings – You get the benefit of someone answering your phone without the payroll cost. When using an executive office suite or a virtual office solution here at YourOffice-Ballantyne, you are given all of the advantages of having a full-time receptionist without the financial output. A full time receptionist for your business might make $12/Hour, working 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday. You can easily see how that will add up quickly. A live receptionist service gets you the results without the costs.
  2. Mail – Do you have stacks of mail throughout your office that you can’t find time to go through and organize? The piles are probably made up of important invoices, bills, and letters from clients. A receptionist takes all of your mail for you. You can keep it in one place, so you never have to lose an important document again. Whenever you need to mail something of importance, all you have to do is take it up to the receptionist desk. She’ll give it to the postman whenever he stops by. This saves you the time it takes to make inconvenient trips to the post office.
  3. Phone – Have you ever been meeting with a client and have to come away to answer the phone that keeps ringing off the hook? There’s nothing that interrupts a negotiation quite like a phone call. Even worse, most of the time it’s a telemarketer that you don’t want to speak with. With a receptionist, you have someone who will answer these phone calls in your company name. Many executive suites offer screening for a nominal fee. You can focus fully on the task at hand until the receptionist connects you with important calls. All messages will be taken and relayed to you when you are not in the office.
  4. Professional Appearance –  Your company will appear polished and seem “corporate,” even if you are running a small business. Your phone calls will be routed to your cell phone or to your messaging service, depending on the instructions you leave your receptionist. Your clients will come into the lobby and be immediately greeted with a smile. Your receptionist will let them know that you will be with them in a moment and encourage them to make themselves comfortable. Your client will never have to feel inconvenienced while you finish what you are doing. Once you are ready to see the client the receptionist will send them straight back.

Has your success brought you new responsibilities that you can no longer juggle with basic tasks?  Handling administrative duties takes away from the quality of important work and slows your productivity. Optimize your company’s potential quickly with a  receptionist service that will do these chores while providing you with the professional image you need to appeal to clients.

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