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How Executive Suites & Virtual Offices Benefit Small Businesses

Executive offices & virtual office services are changing the face of small business operations. New Ballantyne office solutions are a mere example of something revolutionary happening all over the world. Small business professionals are now freed from the overhead associated with running their own offices and are functioning better than ever before.

But how exactly do executive suites & virtual office services help small businesses?

Corporate Feel
Though meeting at Starbucks was sufficient for a while, it never had the professional feel that gives your client the impression that you mean business. If you’re like any company, you want to appear professional. You want to greet your client, shake hands, and welcome him to “your turf.”

This “corporate” feel will also greatly enhance the experience of your team. It’s likely that having such a headquarters would inspire your employees to feel more confident in their work. The future of your company would naturally seem more positive if you’re company has a home base with a professional vibe. The morale advantages are considerable for struggling small businesses in an unsteady economy.

Distraction Free
A 4 year old son who wants to play, a dog that wants to go on a walk, and the loud mumble of the dryer are your more common distractions when working from home. Working from home sounds good, but after all of the interruptions, you might find it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. While your family, your dog, and household chores should be priorities in life, you need to separate in order to have a healthy work/life balance. This is exactly why small business professionals are taking advantage of virtual office services.

Budget Flexibility
You are free to upgrade or downgrade your package to perfectly tailor the ever-changing size of your staff and other business demands. An executive suite or virtual office allows you to establish a physical presence in a city without breaking the bank. Instead of your funds being consumed with running an office on a multi-year lease, you are able to channel your budget towards growth efforts.

Mailing Address & Receptionist Services
When you choose executive office suites, you are getting a whole lot more than just offices, conference rooms, and reception areas. You are being set up with a full-time receptionist who takes calls in your name. The receptionist will connect your calls for you as well as take messages when you are not around. This eliminates the need to hire your own administrative staff, which saves you money.

Your company will have a professional mailing address. All of your mail will be received and processed by your receptionist. The simple convenience of having someone handle and store your mail for you is huge stress-reliever. You will no longer have to make time to organize those high stacks of mail on your desk at home.

The Bottom Line
If you are not ready for an executive suite office that you would come to each day, you may still like to have someone answer your phones, handle your mail and make your day easier. You can achieve this by starting with a virtual office and then graduating to the executive suite.

The bottom line is that today, there are so many more options available to small businesses. You no longer need to commit to long term leases and large capital expenses to set up your offices. In today’s business world it is no longer the big beats the small. Now, the fast & agile business beats the slow & sluggish one – no matter the size. Keep your small business fast & agile with the flexibility and freedom of executive suites & virtual offices.

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