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Executive Office Suite or Conventional Office Space: Which is right for you?

With the consistent growth of the south Charlotte area, Ballantyne executive office suites are becoming more common. Here at YourOffice-Ballantyne we are proud to be one of the premier executive suite providers in the area. As a serviced office space provider we see many companies trying to make the decision on whether to go with an executive suite or with conventional office space. It can be difficult to choose sometimes.

If you’re pursuing a place to call home, it’s hard to know exactly what you need. Unless your business is a startup that is better suited in a virtual office, your options tend to fall into two categories – executive or conventional. So what’s the difference?

Here are a few differences to consider so you can be sure you land the perfect headquarters for your company.

Executive Suite Office Space vs. Conventional Office Space

If you decide to rent an executive suite in Ballantyne, you’re sparing yourself the considerable capital outlay it would take to get into traditional office space. The executive suite provides you with a number of amenities, including fully furnished offices, conference rooms, and reception.

These common areas are shared with other businesses that will likely have other offices on your floor. Your lease term will not involve a long-term commitment, and will likely be a consistent rate throughout a 6 to 12 month term.

Executive suites are a great fit for companies that anticipate growth. You can add offices at any time to fit your needs. Taxes, amenities, utilities, etc. are all included with the monthly rate. The key is yours and you are free to access the property 24/7.

The versatility of executive suites combined with the simplicity of paying a steady monthly fee has many companies taking advantage as these benefits are hard to pass up.

Of course, conventional space is necessary at times. It is more common for large businesses that need more square footage. You will be able to personalize the space to fit your preferences and culture.

Many businesses find it necessary to decorate common areas to fit their culture. Some businesses, such as law offices, may find it difficult to invite clients to a more public space like executive suites.

Conventional office space also offers long term commitments. If you know the exact size of your business and you already have furniture and other capital expenses purchased, it may be easier to stay in conventional space as opposed to executive suite space. Companies looking for this type of commitment generally have larger staffs, are more established and have larger budgets. Consulting a real estate agent will give you the best chances of finding what you’re looking for.

And the winner is…

A professional, corporate environment used to only be found in conventional office space. Now, executive office suites offer the same professional image and a prestigious address, without the long term commitment and capital requirements.

If you are an established business, that has already spent significantly on capital infrastructure like computers, monitors, phones, etc. it is more likely that a conventional office space is right for you.

So there is no true real winner here as it depends on the needs of the business and the different options available to you in your location. If you are currently shopping conventional office space in the Ballantyne area of Charlotte, however, I invite to stop by YourOffice-Ballantyne (here is a virtual tour) to get a better idea of whether executives suites could be a good fit for your business.

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