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What Makes a Great Virtual Office?

It isn’t surprising that so many new startups and entrepreneurs are working remotely in 2016. With flexible work schedules, money saved on office rent and commute, and a non-existent dress code, working from home has plenty of benefits to offer entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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However, there are some challenges that come with working from home, one of which is maintaining your professional image. Establishing a good reputation in the beginning is critical to your success, and having a residential address can make you look amateurish. Fortunately, you can solve this with a virtual office solution. Here is what to look for in a virtual office so you can reap the benefits of working remotely while boosting your professional image at the same time:

Mail Collection

When you use your residential address for everything, your business mail and residential mail can easily get mixed up. It can be frustrating when one of your family members collects the mail and buries an important letter from a client underneath a stack of bills and junk mail. Keeping the two separate makes things much more organized and helps project a professional image to clients who send you mail.

When looking for a great virtual office, make sure it comes with a mail collection service that will collect your mail at a prestigious business address. This will help elevate your professional image and make things easier to keep track of as well.

Phone Answering and Call Forwarding

There are many distractions that are sometimes unavoidable when working from home. Anyone who has tried taking an important call while their kids are making a fuss in the background knows this frustration. A great virtual office solution will provide you with a live answering service and call forwarding so you can take the calls only when you are prepared to do so.

Access to Meeting Rooms

When you need to meet face-to-face with a client, it can look unprofessional when you are forced to meet them at your home or a random coffee shop. According to one Princeton University study, it only takes one-tenth of a second for you to make an impression on someone. To make the best first impression, it is essential for professionals to meet in a place that elevates their reputation.

Good virtual office solutions provide you with access to professional meeting rooms that help you give clients the right impression. These meeting rooms need to be equipped with the latest technologies such as videoconferencing (in case one client can’t make the meeting), high-speed internet, and digital copy/fax/scanning equipment.

Flexible Terms

Startups and small businesses often lean toward lease terms that are flexible for many reasons. When a business is in its early stages, things can change rapidly, and these startups need to be able to adapt in order to establish themselves properly. Flexible lease terms ensure they are not trapped in a contract and are not held back when they see an opportunity for their business. A virtual office solution with simple agreements and flexible lease terms is a smart choice for newer businesses.

Customize Your Virtual Office Solution at YourOffice Ballantyne

When your professional image is at stake, it’s important to find a virtual office solution that is designed to help your business grow. YourOffice Ballantyne offers a variety of virtual office packages that can be customized to meet your business’s unique needs. Contact us today to find out how you can take advantage of our free rent promotion and propel your business forward!

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