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Small Business Marketing Strategies

A great marketing strategy is key to getting the word out about your business and increasing sales. Unfortunately, many small business owners are working with limited budgets and need to be smart about where their money goes. The good news is that small businesses and entrepreneurs have more budget-friendly marketing options now than ever before.


Here are some affordable marketing strategies that your startup or small business can use that will give you the best return on investment:

Traditional Marketing

Despite the boom of digital marketing in recent years, there is still a place for traditional marketing techniques. In fact, traditional marketing strategies are essential if your target audience is mainly local.

Word of Mouth

Referral marketing, also known as word of mouth marketing, is considered by many to be one of the most effective forms of marketing today. It relies on consumers spreading the word about your products and services and can be a cost effective way to market your business.

Print Advertising

Flyers and newspaper print ads can get expensive, but only if you are placing these advertisements where your target audience won’t ever see them. If your customer base is made up of baby boomers, a newspaper ad will be more effective than if you were trying to attract millennials.

Direct Mail

Again, this one won’t provide you with a good ROI if you are sending advertisements to the wrong people. Research your customer base and find out how they actually want to be reached before employing this strategy.

Digital Marketing

When it comes to getting more bang for your buck, digital marketing is usually the safer bet for small businesses. The sheer amount of ways to market your business online is staggering, but you can always find budget-friendly options to boost your business.

Search Engine Optimization

When users search in Google for products, do you know how likely it is for your business to appear in search results? Optimizing your site so that it can be easily found in search engines is a must-have marketing strategy for any business. Moz provides an excellent guide to SEO for beginners that can help you get started.

Social Media

Having a strong social media presence is essential these days, and creating an account on Facebook or Instagram costs nothing. The only drawback is that it can take time to effectively manage your social media accounts. However, those who continue to engage with their audience and put out relevant content will be rewarded with a boost in customers and web traffic to their site.

Mobile Marketing

Now that we rarely see anyone without their smartphone these days, every small business should be marketing to mobile users. One way to do this is by creating an app for your business. With studies showing that users now spend the majority of their time consuming digital media within mobile applications, this is a strategy that can certainly net you a profit.

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