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The Pros and Cons of Working from Home

Pros and cons of working from homeThe phone rings, your German Shepherd drops a ball at your feet, and dirty laundry beckons to be washed. While working from home may seem to provide unparalleled freedom, an idealistic schedule, and comforts not traditionally associated with the work day, it is not always a fitting choice when it comes to productivity. If presented with the opportunity to work from home, consider your individual work-related strengths and weaknesses (such as self-discipline and motivation) against the following pros and cons before coming to a decision.

Pros of Working from Home

  • Cuts out your morning and afternoon commute. Potentially you could get more work done throughout the day, and enjoying a pot of tea at the kitchen table instead of sitting in traffic is bound to put a smile on anyone’s face.
  • No dress code. Unless you are participating in frequent video conferencing, the chances are that you can sport whatever ensemble you want while working at home.
  • Breaks can be enjoyed in the company of loved ones. If you have a family that is at home for a large portion of the day, it is a welcome benefit to be able to visit during breaks.
  • Saves money and resources. Deducting the cost of the commute to work and the unneeded office space saves workers and employers a significant amount of money. A large portion of expenses can be written off each year, and environmental impact is also reduced.

Cons of Working from Home

  • Distraction is everywhere. Let’s face it, there are always things that could be accomplished around the house. We all have a list of projects that need to be completed, and chores that need tending to, and often, these things are more tempting than the job assignment in front of us.
  • It is tricky to stick to a schedule. It is incredibly simple to get started late, cut out early, or take a long lunch when all accountability is on your shoulders.
  • If you have young kids at home, it is doubtful that you will get much high-quality work done. If mommy or daddy is within earshot, children have a difficult time understanding that it is not playtime.
  • Without a quiet, secluded workspace, it can be complicated to make necessary phone calls. Most employers frown upon communication interrupted by children, lawnmowers, or yapping dogs.
  • Keeping physical work assets organized is challenging without a dedicated workspace. Be prepared to misplace a lot of relevant documents, and for your “work” to sprawl across your home.
  • Separating work life and personal life becomes messy. Because you are at home all day, friends and relatives may not understand that they can’t stop by for coffee, or that you are unable to babysit or talk on the phone for an extended time.
  • It can be quite lonely. That’s right, the downside of working alone is that, well, you are alone. Some people have a challenging time with the lifestyle shock that comes with not being surrounded by people all day. Many suddenly realize how significant those small chats with coworkers were to their everyday happiness.

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