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A Tidy Office Space is the Key to Creative Thinking


Take a look around you. Is your office space clean, clear, and uncluttered – or is it an unending “dump” of papers, Post-it notes, computer parts, and more – all perhaps covered over with a fine layer of dust?

If you nodded your head knowingly at the latter description, think about what that messy office means, for a minute. Can you really be comfortable, much less creative, in it?

No, right? Simply put, it’s distracting to say the least, and it could be unhealthy as well. Fortunately, it’s easy to fix; doing so gives your creativity room to flourish because:

You’ll be organized

In your messy office space, how much time do you spend looking for something you need that’s lost in all of those piles, time you could spend working? A lot, right? Cleaning up your office space means that you’ll be organized and can focus on what you’re actually here to do – work.

You won’t be distracted

Even when you’re trying to work, you’re probably thinking, “I should clean this up. Tomorrow, I’ll clean this up.” Unfortunately, you never get around to it, and that’s bad, because it makes you less efficient. After all, you are distracted by that clutter, and who wouldn’t be? On the other hand, when you clean the clutter up, presto! The distraction goes away, and you can relax and focus on the job in front of you without that constant worry to deal with.

You’ll be healthier, happier, and more creative

Even if your messy office space isn’t a toxic dump, and you don’t have an old hoagie or other organic hazards buried underneath all those piles just disintegrating into thin air, it can still be unhealthy for you. Why? Because when you’ve got piles everywhere, you don’t (can’t) clean the way you should. Dust and dirt piles up, even if you’re not deliberately unhygienic. Before you know it, you’ve got allergy hazards to deal with; that wheezing or those watery eyes may not be just the result of spring hayfever. Unclutter your office so that you can keep it clean and dust free, and just see how much healthier you can be.

There is a psychological health component to this, too. Unrelenting stress can cause everything from unrelenting fatigue to a compromised immune system, to a depressed mood, and zero creativity. When you’re in a cluttered office space, you are stressed out, no doubt. Do your mental AND physical health a favor, and clean things up. You’ll be the better for it, and creativity will soar.

You can make your office whatever you want it to be

With the clutter and mess gone from your office space, turn  your attention to making it your own: What can you include in this environment, one that you likely spend hours a day in, that can inspire creativity and induce happiness? Go ahead. Brainstorm. What color walls do you want? What paintings, pictures, or knickknacks inspire you? What items should you include in your office space, from a comfy chair to a serene fish tank, that will provide a soothing backdrop to your creativity every day, yet keep you focused and energized enough to get the job done?

You might even become wealthier

And why not? Without the distraction of a cluttered office space, you can harness the focus and drive you need to unleash creativity and focus, to be all you were meant to be. The more focused and productive you are, the better job you do and the more you get done. That can only positively impact your bottom line.


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