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Top 5 Highest Paying Virtual Office Jobs

high paying virtual office jobs

The face of the workforce is changing drastically and will continue to change drastically in the coming years. More and more employees are looking for “work anywhere” types of jobs that allow them the flexibility to avoid commutes and traditional 9-5 work hours. Businesses that are embracing the growing trend are seeing great success and a lot of working professionals are finding work-from-home niches that allow for excellent pay as well as flexible hours. These are just a few of the top jobs that can be done from anywhere while still paying excellent salaries.


Teleradiologists can make anywhere from $100,000 to $400,000 annually and work primarily by viewing patient images that have been digitally sent to them. Then they’re able to consult with the primary care doctor with the help of videoconferencing.

 2. Telepharmacists

Telepharmacists can earn a median salary of $105,000 and can work for either a retailer or a hospital. They can work from any location that has access to a computer and they review patient’s prescriptions remotely while ensuring that there are no possible drug interactions.

 3. Telenurse

Hospitals hire the majority of telenurses who end up handling most of their work over the phone. They earn a median salary of around $65,000 and advise patients remotely, which is a skill that is currently in high demand.

 4. Online Post-Secondary Teachers

With the rise of online education, online post-secondary teachers can earn a median salary of $62,000 while still working from anywhere. As long as they have a webcam, online post-secondary teachers can lecture on their own time while still allowing for the freedom to travel or work on their research.

 5. Translators

The need for translators is on the rise as well thanks to our ever-expanding global economy. With a median salary of $43,000 annually, online translators can make a living from anywhere in the world. Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic are the languages that are most in demand for this fast-growing career.

As the demand for more flexible work environments grows, the types of jobs that offer flexibility and the opportunity to work from anywhere grow and adapt as well. More and more businesses are jumping on this growing trend, which can offer better return on investment and more budget friendly options for hiring employees. Those businesses that are able to realize where the market is headed and take advantage of the opportunities will see themselves come out ahead in the coming years.

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