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A Virtual Office in South Charlotte

Business tools your startup needsWhen you want all the amenities of a regular office space without the cost, considering a virtual office in South Charlotte may be the right solution for you.

Both startup businesses and well-established companies take advantage of virtual offices. You’ll have access to a professional office in a prestigious location but shoulder none of the responsibility for a lease, technology, property maintenance, and much more.

Why should you consider virtual office solutions in South Charlotte?

Customize Your Virtual Office Features

One of the best benefits of a virtual office is the ability to customize the services you receive.

You can choose to have your mail forwarded to your home address every week, pick up your mail on-site at a private mailbox, or have meeting space at your disposal.

At YourOffice Ballantyne, we even provide a live answering service from our professional receptionists and will answer your calls in your business name during regular business hours.

As always, you’ll have 24/7 access to the building so you can take advantage of your virtual office whenever productivity strikes.

Keep Expenses Low

When you need a better way to manage your finances while still remaining in business, a virtual office provides everything you need for a much lower rate.

YourOffice Ballantyne provides all the same benefits as an office—including ready-to-go technology, professional meeting space, complimentary beverages, and other services you can choose from—without the hassle of leasing your own office space.

We help businesses and entrepreneurs alike keep to their budget and free up resources to invest back into their business.

Build Trust and Rapport with Clients

When making the right impression with clients can make or break a meeting, a virtual office can help establish trust and rapport.

Using a local phone number with YourOffice Ballantyne lets clients know you’re local. You can even utilize 1-800 numbers with us for your convenience.

A local, professional meeting space is even better. Let clients know you take your business seriously and skip the home office or local café. You want to show you mean business, not that you’re still in the works.

A virtual office is a budget-friendly solution to building relationships with clients. Show your clients that you’re local and that you intend to stay that way. Give them a solid location at which to find you that isn’t your home.

Ready for a Virtual Office?

Let our team show you just how much office-ready solutions such as virtual office space can make a difference for your business.

We can’t wait to show you just how productive you’ll be with our professional amenities, great location, and customized services! Call us to schedule a tour today at 704-225-6471.

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