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Amenities of Our Work Spaces

Taking advantage of executive and coworking office space makes sense for all types of professionals including freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business owners. However, choosing the right location to conduct your work or host your meetings is important.

The amenities we include at YourOffice-Ballantyne cover everything you need while working with us. We aim to ensure you and your guests are comfortable and fully accommodated so that you can work without interruption with the following services.

High-Speed Wi-Fi

Few things are more frustrating than having your Wi-Fi cut out while you’re in the middle of a project or a call. When you work at YourOffice-Ballantyne, you can expect reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi around the clock. Should an issue ever arise, we have on-site tech support to resolve the problem as quickly as possible so you can get back to work.

Premier Office Location

Our location in the Ballantyne Corporate Park gives you all the amenities of the surrounding area. Located in South Charlotte, we’re just steps from a pristine lake and restaurants of your choice. Our office location keeps your business relevant, local, and easy to access.

Perimeter Security

We take safety seriously at YourOffice-Ballantyne. Since we provide 24/7 access to our facilities for members, we also provide security to ensure our patrons feel safe. To do this, we have security personnel patrol the perimeter nightly. We also have on-site cameras to monitor any suspicious activity so that you feel safe accessing your office at any time.

Kitchen Areas

Our facilities feature two kitchen areas that are fully stocked with complimentary beverages of your choice for you and your guests. Catering services available in the event that you’d like to provide a meal for your colleagues or a larger group of people.

Office Hardware

Never worry about collecting and maintaining all the hardware you need just to have a regular office environment at your disposal. YourOffice-Ballantyne has everything you need including a fax machine, scanner, copier, and printer, all of which can do color if you like. Our machines are meticulously maintained for your everyday use.

24/7 Access

We believe you should work when it’s best for you. Don’t feel the need to maintain odd office hours just so you can get some work done. When you take advantage of our office/work space, you can come and work anytime you like with 24/7 access. We also provide triple-checkpoint security to ensure that you feel safe working anytime you feel you need to.

Experience the Difference

 We invite you to experience the difference when you work with us at YourOffice-Ballantyne. We know how much having the right office space can affect your productivity. Let us show you how our amenities can perfect your everyday work, your professional meetings, or the occasional training session!

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