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5 Reasons to Pick YOB for Your Virtual Office

ballantyne executive suiteIf you are a small business owner, then your “office” may be your living room or basement, or at a coffee shop down the street. Though there are many conveniences to having flexible office space, there can be a downside. When you want to present your business as a successful, prestigious company, it can be difficult when you don’t have actual office space. Where do you meet clients? How do you separate home from business? If you have ever had one of your children answer your phone and then hand a call from your client to “Daddy” or “Mommy,” then you should definitely consider a virtual office. YourOffice Ballantyne has virtual office packages that will work for any situation. Here are some of the main benefits of choosing YourOffice Ballantyne for your virtual office:

The Virtual Office Address

At YourOffice Ballantyne, you can claim a prestigious address in the #1 office park in Charlotte. The address will immediately portray your business as a “real” business, not just a fly-by-night operating out of the back of your car. And if you are on the road working out of your car and hotels frequently, the staff at YourOffice can handle your mail in a secure and professional manner.

YourOffice Ballantyne Flexible Terms

Because each business owner has different needs, YourOffice Ballantyne offers flexible terms for virtual office space. YourOffice has packaged solutions called the Silver, Gold and Platinum Virtual Office Package which work for many clients. However, if a package doesn’t work for your company, then YourOffice can customize a solution that will be a perfect fit. In addition, YourOffice Ballantyne knows that business needs change, and allows you to add services as your business changes. Unless you own a fortune telling business, you can’t know the future needs of your company. YourOffice predicts that you will greatly appreciate the flexible terms that don’t lock you down to space and services that may not meet your future needs.

Competitive Virtual Office Pricing

The competitive pricing of the virtual office services offered by YourOffice Ballantyne goes hand in hand with the flexible terms. Because you pay for what your company needs, you can choose a cost-effective solution. The prices for virtual office services start as low as $35 per month for some of the basic voicemail services. Business owners find that the virtual office services provided by YourOffice Ballantyne are well worth the price.

Virtual Phone Services

One of the biggest reasons that people choose a virtual office package from YourOffice Ballantyne is the array of virtual phone services. Your business can opt for call forwarding to your location via an auto attendant answering service, or a live answering service that will represent your company. You can also receive an email message to let you know you have a voicemail so you can respond promptly to client calls. YourOffice will set up voicemail boxes for you as well as your employees. The virtual phone services offered by YourOffice Ballantyne are a huge benefit for many companies.

Meeting Space For Rent

Though you can accomplish much of your work at home or on the road, sometimes you need a real office for client meetings or to gather employees. YourOffice Ballantyne has a variety of space sizes for rent. You can choose a virtual package that includes a certain number of hours per month, or you can just rent space by the hour as needed. Either way, knowing that you have an actual space available when you need it is an asset for your small business.

YourOffice Ballantyne has many other features that make it a top choice for your virtual office solution. Contact YourOffice today and let them create a virtual solution that is right for your business.


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