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5 Tips To Maximize Small Office Space

individual-officeAre you a bit cramped in a small office space? Is the term “cozy” starting to make you feel claustrophobic? In a world where every square foot is associated with a dollar amount paid in rent, you need to make the most of the space that you have. Here are…

5 tips to help you maximize a minimal amount of office space

Less paper = more space

Any time you cut down on the amount of paper stored in your office space, you are freeing up space that you can use for something else. Today there are virtual storage options that were not available in the past, so rethink the way you save your documents. Printing and storing paper documents only when it is absolutely necessary will cut down on the amount of office space that you need to dedicate to storage and file cabinets.

Less clutter = more space

Are you starting to feel “buried alive” by your artifacts, mementos and proof of your accomplishments that you have displayed in your office? Then it is time to declutter! Though you want to display items that represent you and your business, it is best to follow a less-is-more policy. Rather than display an entire collection, choose one or two items that will represent the collection. If you can make choices and whittle down the clutter, then your office will feel more spacious.

Choose a small desk

Gone are the days when the enormous mahogany desk was the symbol of success. If you implement the first two tips – scale back on paper and clutter – then you won’t need a giant desk to house your paper and clutter! Choosing a desk that will hold what you need, without taking up extra space, will free up office space for other uses.

Think vertically

As you look to find more space in a small office, look up from your floor and use your wall space. There are many shelving unit options which will allow you to get items off your floor and onto your walls. Utilizing wall space will give you square footage that you didn’t even know you had.

Useful vs. decorative

When every inch of your office space is important, then you need to find a balance between items which are useful and items which are purely decorative. Whenever possible, find a creative solution that is both useful and decorative. For example, you may have a beautiful art sculpture displayed in your office because you love to look at it. But if it is not useful, then it is only serving one purpose. A beautiful table lamp can decorate, and also serves the purpose of providing extra lighting. There are many creative solutions that decorate your office while also providing storage, lighting, seating, or serving another purpose in your office.

Implementing these tips will allow you to be organized and productive, able to accomplish big things from your small office space.

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