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Ballantyne Office Space is Better Than Ever

ballantyne executive suites For many people, the Ballantyne area brings together the best of both worlds, with outdoor amenities such as nature trails, golf courses and beautiful landscaping, plus city conveniences such as office space, shops, and restaurants. What a great place to live and work! As more and more people have discovered Ballantyne, it has created one downside…TRAFFIC. But be patient just a little bit longer, because navigation to Ballantyne office space is going to get easier!

Changes in Ballantyne

One quick trip to Ballantyne will show you that progress is being made to improve traffic flow. So what improvements do you have to look forward to? The North Community House Road Bridge will play a huge role in alleviating traffic in the area of the Johnston Road 485 entrances and exits. The bridge will connect Johnston Road with North Community House Road, diverting local traffic from the 485 area. This will shorten the commute for those driving on 485, and allow local traffic to conveniently access Ballantyne. In addition, the bridge will include both bike lanes and sidewalks for those of you who enjoy biking or walking near your office space.

Improvements in Ballantyne

Other improvements that will help Ballantyne navigation will include the renaming of John J. Delaney Drive. Originally John J. Delaney was a winding street, connecting to Johnston Road in several locations. As Ballantyne has grown, this has caused some confusion, and made it difficult for newcomers to find the businesses that they were looking for. To avoid confusion, the area of John J. Delaney Drive from Johnston Road to Ballantyne Corporate Place has been renamed Brixham Hill Avenue, the southern portion has been renamed Ballantyne Medical Place, and the southeast portion will remain John J. Delaney Drive. As you can tell by our Brixham Hill Avenue address, this renaming is already official, and it will just take some time to update signs, maps and addresses.

Within the John J. Delaney/Brixham Hill/Ballantyne Medical Place area there are other changes in progress which will help drivers navigate the area. You will notice small changes making a big impact, such as yield signs, stop signs, and turning lanes. These changes will help drivers avoid backup, and make the Ballantyne experience more driver-friendly.

With some improvements complete, some in progress, and some scheduled for the very near future, you can expect navigating to Ballantyne to get easier by the end of the year. Perhaps that will inspire you to spend more time in the Ballantyne area? If so, let Your Office Ballantyne help you make it happen!

ballantyne executive suites

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