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Questions to Ask Before Renting Executive Office Space

ballantyne executive suitesAs an entrepreneur, freelancer or small business owner, your business needs can change over time. If you are starting up, expanding or relocating, you may be thinking about office space. How will you know when an office space is right for you? Before signing a lease, you should compare the available options. Here are some guidelines to help you get started in the process:

General Executive Suite Space:

Think about your ideal office space, and then gather some information about each option you are considering. How large is the space? Is it big enough to accommodate your business needs, without making you pay for space that you don’t need? Are the general features agreeable? If you prefer a window office rather than an interior office, then make sure you put it on your list of general features that you are looking for. If you need meeting space, then inquire about that space as well, and how many hours of meeting space are included in the monthly fee.

Building Services and Amenities:

Different office environments will offer a variety of services and amenities. Of course, each service will have a price attached, so ask yourself which ones are important to you. Is there a coffee service? A kitchen for your convenience? If so, what is the cost per person? These services can add to the quality of your life at the office, as well as to the expense, so they should be considered in your decision.

Business Technology:

Of course you will need to inquire about phone and internet service. What is the fee for phone? For internet? For a bundled service package? You may also be interested in having your business calls professionally answered and screened. Think about how these services will affect your day-to-day business, and then you can decide what you will need in your office space.

Executive Office One-Time Fees:

Along with the ongoing fees for services and amenities, there will also be some one-time fees to consider before choosing your office space. There will be one-time fees for office set-up, phone set-up and internet set-up. Don’t forget to plan ahead and inquire about the fees that you will pay at the end of your agreement to stop services at each office location.

If you are considering formulating an office space checklist of services, amenities and fees to consider, we have made it super easy for you! Just click on the link to see the comparison worksheet. You will be able to list the important facts and fees, compare, and then make smart decisions about choosing your office space.

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