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How a Virtual Office Will Help You Grow Your Business


growing businessWhen starting a new business it makes sense, and is often most prudent, to start small, with a few employees who all work virtually, or even just you in your home office. However, very soon after your business begins to grow and succeed this type of setup can become a problem. Trying to meet with clients, promoting yourself as a legitimate business, and running out of space are just a few concerns that can begin to creep up as your business grows.

If left unattended, these small problems can end up hindering your company’s growth. However, looking for permanent office space can often create more problems than it fixes. The last thing your company needs is to be in the wrong area, for an extended inflexible lease term, and for too much money. This is a surefire way to sink a budding company.

Fortunately, virtual office space can help solve these problems and then some! Here are just a few examples of how virtual offices can take your company to the next level without sacrificing your bottom line.


This is huge. Even though working from home and virtual companies are becoming more and more accepted, there is still a stigma to the company that is run from the owner’s basement. Trying to find a place to meet with clients or potential clients can be a real problem when your best options are a coffee shop or your dining room table.

With a virtual office you can meet your clients in a comfortable, well equipped, and professional meeting space. With full access to all business machinery including projectors and internet, and furniture layouts according to your specifications, you can be sure that not only will your clients be impressed, they’ll be more comfortable in your stability and in doing business with you.

Flexible Rent Terms

One of the problems with office space is the price and the leasing terms. Growing businesses are notoriously unpredictable. Will your growth suddenly skyrocket or take a slow and steady increase? The inability to predict how your company will grow can put you in a tight spot when looking to lease office space. Do you risk getting a space that you will quickly outgrow? Or do you spend more on space that may be wasted if your company doesn’t grow as fast as you predicted?

With virtual office space these issues are nonexistent. You can use just as much space as you need in that moment and can expand or downsize whenever you feel it’s necessary. You’re also not stuck for any length of time in a lease that is suffocating you, freeing you up to grow your business at your own pace without the stress that permanent office space can bring with it.

Prestigious Address

Are you concerned about your clients realizing that the address on your business card is a residential address? Even though small, home-based businesses are on the rise, it’s still important to present a more professional front when it comes to most clients. With a virtual office, not only will you have access to meeting space and flexible lease terms but you will also be able to list your company’s address in a prestigious area of your city. This is a huge advantage that can instantly set you apart from your competitors and take your company to new heights of success.


If you’re ready to take your company to the next level with a virtual office, why not give us a call at 704-944-3200? We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have and we look forward to hearing from you!


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