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Why Small Businesses Still Need Office Space in 2015

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Every year there are more and more companies and employees who are taking advantage of advanced technology in order to work remotely. There are numerous reasons why working remotely is advantageous to employees, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. But even with all the benefits of working remotely, it’s no substitute for access to fully-equipped and professional office space. Even if you or your employees work remotely most of the time, there will still be times when you need or want access to a dedicated office space. Here are a few of the reasons you might need office space even if your company works remotely for the majority of the time:

Free of Distractions

When you’re working from home there are numerous ways that you can be interrupted. Whether it’s your spouse asking a quick question, your children running around and being noisy, or needy pets begging to go for a walk, there are an endless number of possible things at home waiting to interrupt you. Having a dedicated office space means that you’ll be away from all of the usual distractions of being at home and you’ll be free to stay on task and be more productive. When you’re at the office you’ll be focused on the work at hand as opposed to the laundry that needs to be moved to the dryer or the dishes that need to be washed.

Work Life Balance

When you work from home it can be extremely difficult to keep your home life and your work life separated. This can cause frustration and can also lead to feeling that you’re not succeeding in either area of your life. When you have a dedicated office space you can separate your work life and home life in the physical sense, which makes it easier to separate it in your head as well. When you go to an office you can dedicate all your mental energy to your work and then leave your work there when you head home for the day. This allows you to be more successful in both areas of your life without losing productivity in either.


While there have been many advances in technology that can allow those who work remotely to collaborate effectively, there is nothing quite like face to face meetings and team building. Having office space available, even if you don’t use it all the time, is extremely beneficial when you need to have an important in-person meeting or you want your team to get to know one another better. Sometimes there is just no substitute for face to face collaboration.

Professional Image

There is no substitute for having the professional image that comes from fully-equipped and up-to-date office and meeting space. Effective and productive client meetings are never achieved in someone’s basement or at a coffee shop. Working remotely may have numerous benefits but sometimes temporary office space is needed for even the most tech-savvy of businesses. Inviting your clients to your professional office space for a client meeting is the best way to project an image of a skilled and successful company.

Whether you work remotely 90% of the time or only some of the time, having a dedicated and professional office space that you can use whenever you need it is essential to the success of any growing business. At Your Office-Ballantyne we have numerous office and meeting space options that can help take your company to the next level today!

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