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The Benefits of Having a Call Answering Service

live receptionistA lot of entrepreneurs and small business owners don’t think they need someone handling their phone calls, and for some businesses that may be the case. However, a live receptionist can really help your company project an image of professionalism and efficiency and can make your customers feel that they are the top priority. Here are a few reasons why a call answering service might be right for your company:

1. Phone Calls Handled Professionally and Efficiently

With a call answering service or a live receptionist you can rest assured that all of your calls will be handled professionally and promptly. All too often if a client can only reach you on your cell phone, they may be frustrated when they reach your voicemail. It can also be hard to control background noise if you are at home or traveling, and this can come across as very unprofessional to your clientele. With an answering service you can be sure that each and every call will be answered promptly and that your clients will always be able to speak to a human and feel that their call is important.

You also don’t need to be worried about being bogged down by someone looking for directions or with simple questions about your company. Many calls don’t necessarily require your input or can be handled by simply answering a few questions or taking a message. Whether the caller needs to be re-routed to your cell or voicemail, needs a few simple questions answered, or any other number of issues, a live receptionist can take care of it promptly and professionally, freeing up your time to focus on more important tasks.

2. Easy to Schedule Appointments

There are some industries that require frequent appointment scheduling. This can take up an enormous amount of time if you handle it on your own. With a live answering service, you can turn over all scheduling tasks to a receptionist. This will free you up to focus on taking care of the important aspects of your business and not on the mundane problem of scheduling numerous appointments and meetings.

3. Off-Hours Calls are Still Received

Off-hours calls can be a tricky situation. How can you have a decent work/life balance if you’re answering phone calls at all hours of the day? On the flip side, if an important call comes in after hours, you may not even see that you have a message until the next day, which can be frustrating for your clients.

With a live answering service, your customers can reach a person no matter what time of day or night, and that person can decide on the urgency of the matter. If it’s something that needs to be immediately routed to your cell phone, you can be sure to not miss it. If it’s not important, your caller can leave a message with the receptionist or be re-routed to your voicemail. It’s a win-win since your customers feel that they are important and that you’re going the extra mile for them but you also aren’t being interrupted at all hours of the day by unimportant calls.

With so many benefits, you’ll be surprised at just how much time you’ll save. As a bonus, your customers will take your company much more seriously and you may end up with an increase in business just with this one simple change! Why not take some of the stress off yourself and your staff and try out a live receptionist today?

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